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Aiden Thorne’s CotDM Set Premiere!

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By Aiden Thorne Aiden Thorne Events Aiden Thorne’s CotDM Set Premiere! June 05, 2013

Hey there Kaijudo duelists!

Aiden Thorne here and I’m checking in to see if you had fun at your Clash of the Duel Masters Set Premiere! I certainly did. I absolutely love playing in sealed events! I even traveled around to multiple Set Premieres. Each and every one of them was an absolute blast!

You might remember my previous Set Premiere Article, but this one will be a bit different. I’m going to bring you some actual game play reporting! I even had to face the dreaded Infernus the Immolator—do you think I have what it takes to win?

Clash of the Duel Masters multi-civilization cards are changing the entire meta-game. Kaijudo just keeps growing, and every day we get more and more players; we’re on the right path!

The Rise of the Monarchs!

I can’t even begin to explain how incredible the event was. I sat there surrounded by some of my best friends building decks in order to duke it out for some awesome promos! We are laughing and joking, and then suddenly a blinding glare comes out of a booster pack further down the table - Infernus the Immolator rears his head! We look in on in awe, cursing our luck. Maybe we’ll be able to get one, eventually.

I felt confident with my deck that ran all five civilizations. It relied on tempo and battle zone manipulation. Cards like Freakish Test Subject, Shimmerwing, and Toxic Fog would be my strongest plays. I had a secret tech card that I thought would tip the scale in my favor: Gregoria’s Fortress! Towering at a massive level 8 I wouldn’t see the Fortress that often, but it might be important late game. My deck only has one major flaw: the only nature cards I play are all multi-civ. That means any nature cards I have go into my mana zone tapped, which forces me to lose at least one turn in my progressions.

To War!

Pairings are posted and we all make a mad dash to see who we will be playing! After the chaos I’m met with an unfamiliar name, but only one person is still standing - the person who pulled Infernus the Immolator! I make a mental note and hope I can end the game as quickly as possible. We take our seats and begin shuffling. Little did I know what I was about to get myself into!

I lose the dice roll, and my opponent decides to play first - no surprise there! He charges Fire/Nature mana and passes his turn. I shudder after seeing him unlock the Fire Civilization. I don’t think I’ll be able to win if he can summon the Immolator!

I draw a card for my turn and I charge Water/Darkness mana, and then I end my turn as well. Many of the Set Premiere matches started out slow. This was almost the opposite of Dragonstrike Infernus, but with cards entering the mana zone tapped there is a reliable slow down factor. This created enough leeway to reliably play cards like Infernus the Immolator and Gregoria’s Fortress!

He charges Darkness mana and summons Weaponized Razorcat! While this card has no abilities, it is extremely powerful at level 2 and 4000 power. This is going to be quite a problem if I don’t find an early answer! Luckily, I also have a powerful vanilla creature in my hand, the mighty Sword Horned! At level 3 he is a bit slower, but he is even more powerful than the Razorcat at 5500. Now all I need to do is draw nature mana. Fortunately, that is exactly what happens! I charge my nature mana, but since it is multi-civ, it comes in tapped, forcing me to pass my turn. He charges mana and Razorcat swings in! My shield breaks and returns to my hand. I’m back up! I charge mana and summon Sword Horned!

We stare each other down as we slowly build up small armies on our fields. Neither of us can attack without placing our opponent in a strong position to counter-attack and get advantage. I draw my card and smirk. It is time to cast a spell that will definitely help me win this game: Containment Field! I tap six of my opponent’s creatures and, one by one, I attack into them slowly wiping his field. I have three creatures left, but my opponent has nothing! I’m feeling confident that I’ll be winning this game until…

The Power of the Fire Civilization!

My opponent taps all 11 of his mana, and he summons Infernus the Immolator! When it enters the battle zone he banishes the last three creatures I have out! To make matters worse I have almost nothing left.

My turn comes back up, and I’m worried. I have a Shimmerwing and a Toxic Fog in my hand. How can I possibly defeat Infernus with that?! I do the only thing I can. I summon Shimmerwing and pass my turn.

He draws and summons another power-house creature, Redscale Drakon! Infernus then swings in and breaks three of my shields! Redscale is quick to follow up and break my last one! I now have Toxic Fog, Jump Jets, another Shimmerwing and Oozing Lavasaur in my hand. This might be the end!

I draw my card and realize that it’s not over just yet! I slap Gregoria’s Fortress onto the field. I then follow it up with another Shimmerwing, and I tap my last mana to cast Jump Jets on Shimmerwing! Shimmerwing attacks Infernus the Immolator, and this activates Gregoria’s effect causing my opponent to banish one of his creatures. He chooses Redscale Drakon, but I’m not done yet! I attack with my other Shimmerwing - that newly has fast attack - into Infernus the Immolator as well! Gregoria’s Fortress goes off again and Infernus is banished! I let out a sigh of relief, but this match isn’t over yet!

My opponent doesn’t draw a creature, and I take full advantage of that. I flood the field as fast as I can and attack repeatedly. Let’s make sure that slaying the dragon wasn’t for nothing! I summon my own Redscale Drakon and he swings in, claiming victory for me!

Andy Criss, also known as Aiden Thorne to the Kaijudo community, lives in Connecticut and is currently a full time student and part time writer/editor. He writes articles about Kaijudo, is the administrator of a Kaijudo fan website/forum and runs his own YouTube Channel. The views and opinions expressed in this article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Wizards of the Coast.