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Talk Like a Duelist (Part 2)

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By Master Hawkins Master Hawkins Fun Talk Like a Duelist (Part 2) November 07, 2012

Expand your dueling vocabulary!

If you’ve been playing a lot of Kaijudo or joining my training classes each week, you probably see the same words come up over and over again. You may have also heard your fellow duelists or people at the Kaijudo League using special terms to describe what happens in a game. Ever find yourself wondering, what are they talking about? Take a spin through this guide, then practice what you learned by hunting down the words in our word search.

To focus on putting cards in the mana zone. The goal of this method is to put high-level creatures into the battle zone later in the game.
Aggressive deck
A deck that tries to win by attacking quickly.
To place a creature in the discard pile.
Booster pack
A collection of 9 randomly selected cards.
To return a creature to its owner’s hand. “I’ll use Rusalka, Aqua Chaser to bounce your Tatsurion back to your hand.”
Low level.
Chump block
To block a large creature with a smaller creature, simply to protect your shields. “My Reef-Eye will chump block your Tatsurion.”
Competitive deck
A 40-card preconstructed deck.
Control deck
A deck which plays a long game, banishing a lot of creatures and defeating the opponent in one or two attacks.
Another word for a creature’s level, the amount of mana needed to summon a creature. “That creature costs 4 mana.”
A realm of the creature world. There are five civilizations: Light, Darkness, Nature, Fire, and Water.
A game of Kaijudo.
A training center where duelists learn about Kaijudo.
Evolution creature
A creature with the special ability to transform into one with even greater power.
An evolution creature. “Evo Fury Tatsurion is an evo creature.”
A series of hand movements used to summon a creature from beyond the Veil in the world of Kaijudo.
The number of cards needed in the mana zone to put a creature or spell into the battle zone. “A level 3 creature needs 3 mana to summon it into the battle zone.”
Mana ramp deck
A deck which quickly increases the number of cards in its mana zone.
To place a card in the mana zone. “I was furiously mana-zoning so I could save up for higher-level creatures.”
The person you play against in a duel.
Pay a creature’s mana
To summon a creature into the battle zone.
Pick on
To attack a tapped, smaller creature with one of your creatures. For example, “My Tatsurion will pick on your Bronze-Arm Tribe.”
To make a creature larger. “I’ll use Power Surge to pump my creatures.”
A card that puts another card into your mana zone. “I used Sprout to ramp my mana.”
A collection of cards featuring unique creature and spell cards. Rise of the Duel Masters and Evo Fury are both sets.
Set your shields
To place five cards face-down in your shield zone.
Save-me shield blast
A spell with shield blast that stops one or more creatures from attacking, giving you another turn to win. “Terror Pit is a save-me shield blast.”
Swarm attack
When you have enough creatures to attack and break shields despite an opponent’s untapped blockers.
To turn a card sideways. This means it’s being used for the turn.
To draw the right card at the perfect time. For example: “I drew Tatsurion and then attacked his creature! It was the perfect topdeck!”
To straighten out a tapped card. This means it’s free to use again.

Practice what you learned! Check out this word search!