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Deck Spotlight - Setting up for a Triple Strike!

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By Gavin Verhey Gavin Verhey News Deck Spotlight - Setting up for a Triple Strike! July 10, 2013

New sets aren’t the only new thing to look forward to in Kaijudo. Releasing in just a matter of days is the Kaijudo Elite Series: Triple Strike deck. It’s strong on its own, and stacked full of goodies to augment your favorite decks.

But how exactly did Triple Strike come into fruition? Let me explain…

With the advent of the KMCs and organized play, R&D decided we wanted to have a deck you could just buy and play with right out of the box that could go toe-to-toe with some of the best decks out there. That way, even if you didn’t have a large collection yet, you could still be ready to battle!

Additionally, we wanted a way to reprint some popular cards. For example, the original Razorkinder (from the Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder decks) has been out of print for a year and can be hard to find. We knew tournament staples like Bottle of Wishes and Terror Pit were going to be sought after by players, and wanted to make sure people could get some extra ones.

And as if those two goals weren’t enough to hit, there was another caveat: our design timeline. We work on products months and months before they actually release. We had to predict what people were going to want in the Elite Series deck about six months before the deck would actually release! It would be a challenge – but a challenge we were up for.

Former Kaijudo designer Chance Raymond designed the core of the deck, and then handed off the deck to me. He had decided we wanted a Water-Darkness-Fire control deck so we could hit a wide spectrum of cards and because we knew tri-civilization control decks would be strong in the post-Clash of the Duel Masters world.

As the one who was always tinkering with new control decks in R&D, I was just the guy for the job. I knew what cards I wanted to see – and also which I wanted to see in foil! The Triple Strike deck is all foil and gold-bordered. I wanted people to be able to get copies of commons, uncommon, and rare cards that couldn’t be foiled any other way. The deck ended up with a lot of 1-of cards, but that way you can find plenty of exciting foils to upgrade your existing decks with! Even aggressive decks like Drakon Rush can get some tools out of Elite Series, such as Comet Missile.

It took a lot of play-testing to hit the competitive mark I was hoping for – but the deck finally got there. This deck plays like a lot of the popular control decks we’re seeing in KMC events now. With an array of shield blasts to lean on, card-drawing to give you the tools you need, and some powerful late-game finishers, Triple Strike can go toe-to-toe (or claw-and-claw, or ghost-to-ghost, or…) with the popular decks right now.

Something unique about Triple Strike is that it utilizes many more blockers than a lot of other control decks. Not only do you have shield blasts to shut down your opponents, but blockers that can get in the way and delay your opponent’s creatures until your large creatures can come down and close out the game.

I hope you have as much fun with Triple Strike as I had working on it! Check out the decklist, and don’t miss it when it hits store shelves on July 12th!

Elite Series: Triple Strike

  • 1 Magnet Mech Glu-urrgle
  • 3 Aqua Seneschal
  • 2 Fluorogill Manta
  • 3 Reef-Eye
  • 1 Feral Scaradorable
  • 1 Razorkinder
  • 3 Dream Pirate
  • 1 Black Feather of Shadow Abyss
  • 1 Rampaging Tatsurion
  • 3 Meteosaur
  • 1 Moorna, Gatling Dragon
  • 1 Hyperspeed Dragon
  • 1 Bolshack Dragon
  • 3 Logos Scan
  • 1 Crystal Memory
  • 1 Bottle of Wishes
  • 1 Terror Pit
  • 1 Skull Shatter
  • 2 Bone Blades
  • 1 Tornado Flame
  • 2 Rock Bite
  • 1 Dragon's Breath
  • 1 Comet Missile
  • 2 Soul Vortex
  • 2 Grip of Despair