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Enter the Infernus!

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By Ryan Miller Ryan Miller News Enter the Infernus! February 06, 2013

Infernus the Awakened

I was the lead designer for DragonStrike Infernus, and I really enjoyed it. I mean, designing a whole set about dragons, does it get any cooler than that?

The set itself was a challenge to design. You can’t make a dragon set with too many dragons in it, or else the dragons themselves become less special. If you have too few dragons, the set can’t be called a dragon set. James Hata and I had some tough spots to hit with this set, but I have to say I’m really pleased with where we ended up.

With Infernus the Awakened, I wanted the game to stand up and take notice when he enters the battle zone, something that “ETB” (short for “enters the battle zone”) abilities do well. That was the easy part. The next hurdle was to make him feel like some sort of king or commander.

We went back and forth on this aspect of the card for quite a bit before we got to his final design. It basically says only big guys can play from now on, and it has the added benefit of protecting him from low-power creatures that might target him with nasty abilities like Razorkinder.


“But Ryan,” I hear you saying, “This guy’s huge! How will I ever get him out?”

Fear not, voice in my head, we thought of that!

Each civilization gets a fire bird that helps you summon dragons, as well as does something for the dragons you’ve already summoned. There are a few other cards in the set that help, but you’ll have to wait for the set premiere to see those cards!

DragonStrike Infernus hits stores March 15. While you’re waiting for the big day, we’ll unveil a new card each week. Be sure to come back next Wednesday to check out our next reveal!