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Kaijudo Online PvP is One Week Away!

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By The Kaijudo Staff The Kaijudo Staff News Kaijudo Online PvP is One Week Away! March 06, 2013

Have you enjoyed playing the Kaijudo Online game? Think you've got Master Hawkins's virtual crew beat? Are you ready to try your hand against a real-life opponent, without leaving the comfort of your computer screen?

It won't be long now! We're introducing PvP (player vs. player) next week on March 13. Don't miss your chance to duel with friends and sharpen your online dueling skills at Kaijudo.com beginning next week. There are just a few things you'll need to do to gear up for your chance to play with other Kaijudo duelists online. Don't worry—we've made it really easy! Here's all you need to do.

Pick a name, four numbers, and a password, and you're in! It's that easy!

1) Get Registered!
If you haven't had a chance to register, now's the perfect time to jump aboard! Only registered players can enjoy PvP. Registering is quick and easy. It's free. You don't need an email. And no personal information will be collected. You see that "register" button in the upper left corner of your screen? Click it and choose from the drop down for a user name, and then add in four more digits to make it your own. You'll also need to pick a password. Be sure to record this information and keep it in a safe place! You'll want to be able to share your user name with your friends online, and if you have a question about your account, you'll need that info when you contact customer service.


Each Kaijudo deck and booster pack includes a code card that unlocks a card for your virtual deck.

2) Play the Game!
To be ready for PvP, you'll need to get through the first few rounds of tutorial play against Master Hawkins and his crew. This way you'll be trained up and ready to face another duelist. Start training now so you'll be ready to go next week!


3) Collect Your Code Cards
Got any code cards lying around? Start plugging these in to your profile so that you can begin to unlock even more powerful cards for your online decks. (Just type them into the blank box next to Redeem Code in the upper right of a screen.) Need more code cards?  Each Kaijudo deck and booster pack includes a code card that unlocks a card for your virtual deck. You can unlock cards through game play, but you will also want to unlock some whoppers with your code cards to stay on top!

Use these cards to invite friends to an online duel!

4) Exchange Usernames with Friends
Do you know your friend's Kaijudo .com usernames? Do they know yours? Make sure to exchange your usernames if you haven't already! Use our Duelist Cards available right here to make it extra easy. Just print out the sheet, add your username, cut the cards out and hand them out to challenge your fellow duelists to a Kaijudo Online duel. If your friends aren't playing online yet, now's the perfect excuse to get them to register. Gather up more potential opponents at the Set Premiere for DragonStrike Infernus. After the event's over, you can keep up the celebration online, showing off your winning your strategies, in your online game! (Be smart and put safety first! If you've met someone for the first time at the event, don't give out any of your personal information!)