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Secrets of a Kaijudo Evangelist

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By Aiden Thorne Aiden Thorne News Secrets of a Kaijudo Evangelist February 06, 2013

Have you ever arrived at a Kaijudo event where only two other players showed up? I had that problem once, and I decided right then and there to remedy it. I turned those two players into twenty four and we’re still growing.

Those of us looking to spread Kaijudo around are lucky. Once someone tries the game, they’re hooked. The problem is getting people to play that first game. But it’s not as hard as it seems. Here are the secrets to my success. They could work for you too!

Play in Public

Kaijudo has moments that lead to cheering and laughter—the kind of laughter that turns heads. You’ll be surprised how effectively you can build interest in the game just by playing in front of others. When other people notice you are having fun, they’ll find themselves drawn to the activity you are doing so that they can enjoy the same experience.

Step Up at Your Local

I’ve heard stories of hobby store owners talking customers out of buying Kaijudo in favor of some other games. Though I suppose they have the right to do that, we also have the right to change their minds! If you know this is happening at your local, don’t be afraid to step up and tell the owner (and any customers) why you love the game and dispel whatever concerns they might have.

Some people might fear that Kaijudo won’t take off and maybe don’t want to invest their time and energy in a new game. But Kaijudo has been steadily growing, and many people I know who play other games prefer it due to its fun mechanics and easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master strategies.

The game mechanic is my favorite part of Kaijudo. The fact that I can take any card and use it as mana really adds a whole new depth to the strategy. I have to play cards that make my deck capable of beating every archetype out there. If I get them when I can’t use them in a specific match up, they can be used as a resource. Every time I’m being attacked and getting one step closer to losing, I gain a card that could potentially change the pace of the game and allow me to make a comeback!

And, hey, can you really tell me a dragon with missiles isn’t cool?

Even the amount of foil on the cards looks awesome!

Spread Those Sample Decks

Sample decks are available for free at your local hobby store and contain some pretty good cards. Ask about them at your local. Tell the owner you want to loan them out to people you think will like the game. Maybe give away a few commons. The word “free” will get people to try the game. Once they’ve gotten started with a deck, they’ll want to augment their collection and see how much they can improve.

Consolidate the Fans

In some areas, there are small groups of players scattered around multiple hobby stores. Visit those stores and see if you can get the fans to consolidate to one store. When other people see the large amount of Kaijudo players in one place, they’ll feel much safer investing in the game. And the audience will grow from there!

Lend a Hand

Is your hobby store owner the type who doesn’t want to run additional tournaments? Quite a few players have found themselves able to make a difference by offering to handle the events themselves. Step up to the plate and tell your local hobby store that you’ll help advertise and run the events!

Mind Your Manners

Whether you choose to follow some or all of my tips, be careful not to be too forceful. No one is going to be interested in the game if you’re the pushiest player in the store. You’re going to be the local expert and any questions regarding mechanics or strategy will be directed to you. Manners can go a long way. When you’re friendly and easily approachable, you’ll find they go even further!

I know this can seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to shoulder it alone. You likely won’t be the only duelist trying to get more people interested in your area. And remember: even the most popular card games had to start somewhere. What could be better than saying you were one of the founding fathers that helped Kaijudo take off?

I’m looking forward to hearing your success stories!