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Set Premiere Sneak Peek

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By Aiden Thorne Aiden Thorne News Set Premiere Sneak Peek February 27, 2013

Imagine sitting down at a table with all your fellow Kaijudo duelists. You hear the tape ripped off the cardboard shipping box containing booster packs of DragonStrike Infernus. You hear the shouts as the first foil card is revealed, and the individual packs are passed around. Finally, you tear open a booster—your heart racing as you wonder what cards you’ll find inside—and fan out your first DragonStrike Infernus cards!

On Saturday, March 16, Kaijudo fans nationwide will experience that rush at the first official Kaijudo Set Premiere. Those of you tuning into cards games for your first time with Kaijudo are in for a treat, and those of you who have experienced events like these before are about to see them in a new light!

Wait, There’s a Set Premiere?

If you’re like me, by the time this January rolled around, you’d been waiting months for an announcement about Kaijudo Organized Play. It was worth the wait! There was so much good stuff in that announcement that some people might have missed one of the coolest parts: Kaijudo is having its very first Set Premiere, a little over two weeks from now!

The DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere will be an in-store celebration of the new set of cards. There will be duels with achievement cards that can earn you exclusive rewards.

On top of that, you will receive a forty-card sample deck, designed to be easily altered with packs of the newest set. You’ll play your duels with this deck to keep everyone on a level playing field. (For those of you that want to test out the new cards in your normal decks, the Kaijudo Duel Days starts only a few weeks after the Set Premiere, on April 6!)

Each participating store will be equipped with a DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere kit, and they’ll have free reign of how they handle their events. For the players looking to share the excitement of the release with friends, many stores will be hosting casual, free celebrations. For the more competitive players out there, some stores will host tournaments with a fee attached. You can check out the store locator to find the right event for the type of experience you’re looking for.

Why Attend?

This event, like many others, is an opportunity for the players to have fun. That’s what this game is all about! Getting your hands on new cards and trying to earn exclusive promo cards while surrounded by people celebrating a game you love is a fun way spend time with friends.

If you’re the competitive type, this will be your first chance to get some real testing done with the newer cards. You’ll see how they react in situations you normally wouldn’t encounter, and that gives you a deeper understanding of potential strategies you can use in future duels.

Why Am I Excited?

The DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere will be the first official form of limited play. I’m looking forward to seeing how works!

I’m also excited to see how this helps the game grow. An event like this is a huge step forward in growing your local community of players. (Are you still in an area that needs a boost? My previous article has some tips that can help out!) I’ve been astounded by the number of groups popping up all over the place. Soon the sixteen-person event kits aren’t going to be big enough!

As players, it falls to us to help sculpt the community of the game. So whether you’re a long-time fan, a new player, or an “evangelist” like me, be sure to get a group of friends together and head on over to the first Kaijudo Set Premiere. On Saturday, March 16, Kaijudo history will be made, and that history starts with you!