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The Deck Doctor: Mono-Darkness Deck

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By CVH CVH Strategies and Tips The Deck Doctor: Mono-Darkness Deck March 20, 2013

Welcome back, Kaijudo duelists! In contrast to the three-civilization deck I fixed for my last Deck Doctor article, I’ll be looking at a mono-civilization deck today! This mono-Darkness deck was sent to me by “StealthPlaya89” on YouTube. He mentioned that the deck’s purpose is mainly to rush in the early game. Most rush decks use Fire for the access to fast attackers such as Gilaflame the Assaulter, but making this deck purely Darkness gave StealthPlaya room to add a few interesting cards and combos that really set this deck apart. Here is the original list he sent me!

StealthPlaya89’s Mono-Darkness Deck

Creatures: 31

Spells: 9

Total: 40

The first cool thing about this deck is the way the Level 1 creatures combo with Scavenging Chimera. Marrow Ooze and Gigabolver are both banished at the end of their attacks, so if you are able to summon a Scavenging Chimera on turn two, it can attack and retrieve either of those creatures for later use as early as turn three. In typical fashion for a rush deck, there are more Level 2 creatures in the form of Gigazanda. In a mono-Darkness deck, Scavenging Chimera is obviously the superior Level 2 option, but this deck wants to play as many cheap creatures as possible, making Gigazanda a fine option as well.

For the Level 3 creatures, he has included a playset each of Skull Cutter, Locomotivator, and Gorgeon, Shadow of Gluttony. Locomotivator has been making a name for itself in rush decks using Darkness, as it can replenish your hand and keep the assault going (though at the expense of your Shields!). Skull Cutter is a nice choice, because as StealthPlaya told me, it makes a good answer to Emperor Neuron and problematic early blockers. Gorgeon is actually the first thing I’d cut from the deck. As a Level 3, it’s not a bad card for a rush deck, but I think there are better options. The 5000 power it offers isn’t really necessary with the amount of removal in this deck such as Bone Blades and Hydra Medusa, and I don’t think the card really has enough value to warrant it being so easily banished.

In its place, I would include a set of three Chimera Tyrants. It, too, gets banished at the end of any battle that it wins, but it brings a lot to the table that Gorgeon doesn’t. Being a double breaker so early can put a lot of pressure on the opponent, and since this deck isn’t as fast as more traditional rush decks with Fire, there will more often than not be two Shields left to break with the Tyrant. In addition, it’s a Chimera, giving the deck more creatures to use as Evo-bait for Hydra Medusa and Tekamora. Another hidden treasure in this card is that it’s Level 4, meaning it can avoid Tendril Grasp, a card this deck is usually weak to. Also at Level 4 are the three copies of Screeching Scaradorable in the deck, another good answer to early opposing Blockers.

I wouldn’t change anything about the Evolutions used in the deck; three copies of Hydra Medusa are necessary to deal with opposing creatures, and Tekamora can easily win the game the turn its played if other shields have been broken already. Both of them are incredibly easy to play in this deck because of the amount of cheap Chimeras such as Gigabolver and Gigazanda. Dark Scaradorable, however, is one of the other things I suggest taking out of the deck. It’s definitely a great card, but hopefully there won’t be many shields to break by the time Dark Scaradorable is able to start attacking, and I think the space could be better used for two copies of Black Feather of Shadow Abyss.

Black Feather serves as an additional way for this deck to keep cards in hand, and playing it on turn 5 with cards like Skull Cutter and Hydra Medusa in the deck can give your opponent problems if they can’t get rid of it immediately. In addition, one of the common ways for an opponent to deal with Chimera Tyrant is to block it with something weak like a Sun-Stalk Seed. If you have Black Feather in the battle zone, you will draw a card when their blocker is banished, so both of you are losing a creature, but you get a free draw. This makes it a much better trade-off for you.

For the Spells, I would take out the playset of Dark Returns for a playset of Terror Pits.  I know, it’s supposed to be a rush deck and rarely will you want to have to play a Terror Pit from your hand, but being one of the most versatile spells in the game, I feel like it has to be included. Even though you might not always get to seven mana in your games with this deck, the possibility of having it in the Shields warrants its usage, simply because getting one as a Shield Blast early on can give you complete control of the Battle Zone. In addition, Dark Return’s job of getting cards back from the Discard Pile is already done well by Scavenging Chimera and Return from Beyond. Making this change gives the deck nine solid Shield Blasts that can either be used offensively or defensively, depending on the situation. Return from Beyond is a particularly great choice in the deck because it can allow you to bring cards like Scavenging Chimera and Chimera Tyrant directly to the field, to either be used to attack or evolve into cards like Medusa and Tekamora.

Final Deck List

Creatures: 31

Spells: 9

Total: 40

StealthPlaya89, I hope this helped you with the deck! I definitely like the idea behind it and I think my changes will make it even more threatening. Thank you all for reading, and remember, if you have a deck you want me to take a look at for this segment, send your deck list to kaijudodecks@wizards.com with the subject line: Deck Doctor!