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Dojo Training: Attack! Or Not?

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By Master Hawkins Master Hawkins Strategies and Tips Dojo Training: Attack! Or Not? November 07, 2012

Welcome, acolytes, to Dojo Training. Each week, I, Master Hawkins, will guide you through a new topic to help you train and grow strong in the Way of the Creature.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been reviewing some basic Kaijudo decks: the control deck, the aggressive deck, and the mana ramp deck. Now that you have your decks together and have tried out various strategies, it’s time to take a closer look at a crucial element of playing these decks: attacking!

Do you attack?

Imagine this situation: Your opponent has all five of their shields, with no creatures in the battle zone. You have a 4000 power creature. Do you attack?

Well, that’s actually a trick question! It totally depends what your strategy is.

It might seem like you should always attack, but there are downsides to attacking. In doing so, you allow your opponent to access a creature or spell from their shield zone. This means they will have more options available next turn, meaning they could easily mount a counterattack against your single creature. Worse yet, they could get a shield blast spell and completely devastate you!

When should you show discipline and hold your attack? And when should you charge ahead? Let’s look how the three deck types we’ve discussed would approach the situation.


Aggressive Deck

If you’re playing an aggressive deck, the answer is simple: attack! The aggressive deck attacks at every opportunity, and this opening is no exception.

Control Deck

If you’re playing a control deck, do not attack. A control deck must prevent an opponent from using their cards. It has the advantage the longer the game goes, meaning you should wait until you get have enough creatures to finish off the duel in one or two turns.

Mana Deck

If you’re playing a mana ramp deck, usually you will not want to attack. You don’t want to start attacking until you have some of your larger creatures in the battle zone, meaning you’re on the offensive and can continue to unleash large threats turn after turn.

Of course, in all of these situations it depends on which creature is in the battle zone. For example, if it’s a creature like Aqua Seneschal or Razorhide, it is usually right to attack because of the bonus involved with an attack.

This week, try out all the different deck styles, and focus on your choices of when to attack. Practice often and by next week, you’ll be ready to step up to the next stage in your training: summoning evolution creatures!