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Dojo Training: The Power of Three

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By Master Hawkins Master Hawkins Strategies and Tips Dojo Training: The Power of Three January 09, 2013

These cards would be great choices for a three civilization deck.

Welcome, acolytes, to Dojo Training. Each week, I, Master Hawkins, will guide you through a new topic to help you train and grow strong in the Way of the Creature.

In the past few Dojo Training articles, we have looked at how to play two civilizations to achieve maximum power. But why stop at two? When you feel ready to play three or more civilizations in the same deck, keep these tips in mind:

  • Play with a lot of shield blast cards. That way, even if you are slow to assemble the civilizations you need, you can still use shield blasts to help you out in the meantime.
  • Have one of your civilizations consist of mostly high-level cards. By the time you reach six mana, you will likely have found a card you can put in your mana zone to cast your card of that civilization.
  • Play Nature so you can have cards which put extra cards into your mana zone, helping you to find cards from each of your civilizations.
  • Play cards that draw cards so you have a higher chance of drawing cards from each of your civilizations.
  • Play plenty of creatures with blocker ability, so you can use them to buy time until you can draw cards from each of your civilization.
  • Make sure that your card’s civilizations are spread somewhat evenly. If one single civilization takes up most of the cards of your deck, it is going to leave little room to play enough cards in other civilizations for you to find a card you want to play and the appropriate kind of mana to cast it.
  • Make almost all of your cards in one civilization high-level shield blast cards. That way you can shield blast them for a powerful effect if they are hiding amongst your shields, and just put them into your mana zone without much concern if you draw them early on.
  • Plan to make your deck a “control deck.” Generally, control decks want to play longer games of Kaijudo which works well with trying to find multiple civilizations.


Playing more than two civilizations is not a choice to be made lightly. While it does let you play more of your favorite cards in your deck, it comes with the risk that you won’t find the right civilizations to play your cards in the first place. Still, when you construct your deck properly, playing with three or more civilizations can be extraordinarily powerful!

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back in the Dojo next week with some more advice to make you a more powerful duelist. See you then!