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EarthP0w3R’s KMC Battle Report!

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By EarthP0w3R EarthP0w3R Strategies and Tips EarthP0w3R’s KMC Battle Report! June 05, 2013

After a long flight and a good night’s sleep, I rolled up to the event ready to have some fun. I met up with a bunch of the players and we talked about strategy and other various topics as we waited for the tourney to begin. One person in-particular, David Carnes, recognized me from YouTube and we sat and got to know each other and talked a lot between rounds. After a little while the shop owner announced the players meeting where we got all of the information pertaining to the tournament. We had 24 people for this event and there were going to be five rounds. They collected our deck lists and posted Round 1 pairings. Let the KMC begin!

Round 1 (0-0) Vs. Tim (Bottle Dragons)

I won the dice roll and decide to go first. Some of Tim’s early mana decisions were Infernus the Awakened, Terror Pit and Stormspark Blast so I was safe to assume it was some sort of Dragon variant. Then he summoned a Nix on turn three to confirm my suspicions, which I answered with a Bone Blades. Tim played Bottle of Wishes on turn five and hit a Bone Blades of his own for no effect since I didn’t have a creature on the field. I decided to play Razorkinder Puppet in turn six and Tim revealed an Andromeda of the Citadel, Terror Pit, and Lyra, the Blazing Sun. I sent the Lyra to his discard pile and he drew and passed turn. I summoned Skull Shatter a couple of turns later followed up with an Andromeda and Lyra’s of my own to finish the game.

Game two went back and forth. I was able to pull out a win after getting Tim top decking and attacked with an Andromeda and Dracothane of the Abyss. I won the match 2-0.

Round 2 (1-0) Vs. Chad (LWF Dragons)

Chad won the dice roll and opened with a Lux on turns two and three and a Hyperspeed Dragon on turn four. On that turn, I was able to cast Bone Blades on one of the Lux cards, but it was too late. My only shield blast game one was the last shield Chad broke and it was a Terror Pit. At that point he had already summoned a Herald of Infernus to follow up the Hyperspeed play. It was too much for me to handle so I lost. Game two I was able to stabilize from his third turn Nix into a fourth turn Herald, with a progression of Bone Blades and Death Smoke. Then I followed with a Razorkinder Puppet and Skull Shatter to obliterate his hand. I used hand removal with an Andromeda and Dracothane to secure the win.

In game three Chad was able to get Hyperspeed followed up with double Herald of Infernus to wipe out all of my shields, I was able to deal with the Heralds with a couple of Terror Pits and had a Canyon Skimmer to block the Hyperspeed on turn eight. Chad was top decking and I had an Andromeda ready to come down to help me stabilize, but he top decked a Billion-Degree Dragon and was able to swing with that and the Hyperspeed for the game. Overall I lose the match 1-2.

Round 3 (1-1) Vs. Fire Rush

I won the dice roll and opened with a hand of Lux and two Jade Monitors and that was enough to fend off the army of Blaze Belchers (he opened with all three!). It helped me stall out until I was able to summon Andromeda and swing for game with my own army of Puppets and Lyras. Game two went very similarly, but I had Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow cards and a couple of shield blasts to help fend off his rush. I was able to drop back to back Lyras into Andromeda and swing for game. I won the match 2-0.

Round 4 (2-1) Vs. Jerah (LWD Control)

Game one went back and forth until I was able to finally build up an army with Andromeda, Lyra, and a couple of Puppets to swing for game. I noticed he wasn’t running Razorkinder Puppets of his own and seemed to be running multiple copies of Trial and Error with a couple of teched dragons such as Orion, Radiant Fury, and Issyl of the Frozen Wastes. In game two, I opened up double Lux, Logos Scan and a Dragon of Reflections. I decided to turn up the heat and get aggressive. I summoned Lux on turn two and three and began breaking shields. I followed the Lux up with Logos on turn four and Dragon of Reflections on turn five. Jerah’s only plays on turns three and four were Logos and Crystal Memory respectively. Just as well, the only shield blasts that Jerah had were Trial and Error and another Crystal Memory. After a turn six Razorkinder Puppet on my end, picking away at Jerah’s very large hand, Reflection and Lux swung in for game. I won the match 2-0, but I would be seeing Jerah again very soon!

Round 5 (3-1) Vs. Logan (WDN Control)

Logan and I decided to draw in order to help us both get into Top 8. With a 3-1-1 record, I made it into Top 8 at seventh seed and had to play Forest coming in at second seed with Fire Rush!

Top 8 (3-1-1) Vs. Forest (Fire Rush)

Game one was very scary as Forest wiped out all of my shields by turn seven. I was able to stabilize on turn eight with a Razorkinder Puppet to knock the Gilaflame the Assaulter out of Forest’s hand.

However, all Forest had to do was top deck a fast attacker and he would win game one. Luckily for me he topped a Heat Seekers which he used to banish my Puppet. On my turn I summoned Andromeda and that pretty much sealed the fate of his rush for game one. After a couple more turn of me building my army, I swung for game. Game two I opened with a ton of blockers and was able to fend off his rush with those and a couple of shield blasts until Lyra and Andromeda helped me to secure the game. I won the match 2-0 and was headed to Top 4!

Top 4 (4-1-1) Vs. David Carnes (WDN Control)

David and I had just won our Civilization bags at this point, so we were both feeling pretty happy coming into this game. We were both a little discouraged that we had to play each other here instead of in the finals, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. We shook hands and shuffled up to begin our match. Game one went very back and forth until he had Fumes on board and decided to start picking away at shields. I had already exhausted two Terror Pits at that point and every time I summoned a creature to deal with the Fumes, David would have removal for it. I couldn’t draw the removal in time to deal with the Fumes until it was too late and David swung in for game! Game two I was able to get some early Puppets working for me and followed up the hand removal with an Andromeda and Dracothane to seal the game. Game three was a repeat of game two with a lot of early hand removal and field control followed with a couple of big dragons which proved to be too much to deal with. I won the match 2-1.

Finals (5-1-1) Vs. Jerah!!! (LWD Control)

Jerah wound up making it in at eight seed and battled his way through Top 8 and Top 4 to meet me again for a rematch here in finals! Needless to say, we were both very excited to be here in the finals and couldn’t wait to get into it. In game one, Jerah has a Lux and Nix on board at turn five, and on my turn six I brought Lyra and Issyl. I made a game changing mistake here by choosing to discard the Lyra. Jerah summons the Issyl on his turn six and it all starts to go downhill from here. I wind up not being able to draw removal for Issyl until I finally summon an Andromeda to potentially attack over it the next turn. Jerah answers back with an Orion to tap my Andromeda down and continues to come in at my shields with the Issyl. His constant barrage proves to be too much to handle and Jerah takes game one in style. Game two goes back and forth until our decks get very small and he forces me to start setting up an offense to win with before I deck out. Over the course of the game I exhaust all of his Terror Pits and made a final swing backed by a Stormspark Blast to take the game! Game three seemed to be over before it began. Jerah was able to open up with double Nix on turns three and four followed up with a Lyra, the Blazing Sun, on turn five to tap down and keep down my Canyon Skimmer which was my only answer to his army of Nix. With no shield blasts to save me, Jerah took revenge in a similar fashion to our match earlier and swung in with his Lyra and Nix to win the game!

Post-Tournament Thoughts

Overall I finished with a record of 5-2-1. Shout outs to Pink Bunny Games for hosting this awesome event. Shout outs to David Carnes for the ride back to the hotel after the event; it was awesome talking strategy with you throughout the event. Congratulations to Jerah on his win! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you in Seattle very soon! I definitely made some friends for life at this event and I couldn’t be happier with how I did.

Carl Miciotto is known throughout the Kaijudo and gaming community as EarthP0w3R. He is an aspiring math teacher, assistant manager of a surf shop, and he runs a highly successful YouTube channel discussing all things Kaijudo. The views and opinions expressed in this article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Wizards of the Coast.