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KMCs in a World of Clash

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By Gavin Verhey Gavin Verhey Strategies and Tips KMCs in a World of Clash June 05, 2013

The Clash of the Duel Masters has begun! Are you ready for the impact?

The first three weeks of Kaijudo Master Challenges are in the books – and the best Kaijudo players in the game have showcased the decks they’ve worked hard at refining.

Going into the first few weeks of KMC’s, everybody expected the dragon based decks to be strong – and they certainly were. Dragon-helping fire birds like Lux, Nix, and Umbra did their job of ensuring dragons like Lyra, the Blazing Sun and Andromeda of the Citadel could hit the battle zone earlier. Early events saw the “obvious” dragon deck doing well… but slowly and surely, the format began to adapt.

Decks like Mono-Darkness came out of the woodwork, strong in their own right – and built to fight off the dragon deck. Featuring plenty of discard and creatures that have built in card advantage like Gigastand, it put the dragon deck on its heels. Several Water based aggressive decks also rose up to help fight back as well, using quick card drawing engines like Emperor Neuron to stay just ahead of what the dragon deck could muster.

Over time the dragon decks began to evolve. Some of them went away from the dragon route, morphing into the ever-popular Light-Water-Darkness control deck. Some of them adapted to go over the top of the control decks, using Nature ramp spells and Kurragar of the Hordes to fight back against the other dragon decks and some of the incoming hate.

And now Clash seeks to change everything up entirely.

Multi-civilization cards lend a whole new realm of possibilities. Everything from the low level, high-power cycle of vanilla – meaning creatures with no extra abilities – at common which can tear through a lineup of creatures, to the cycle of multi-civ super rares which will no doubt be ready to lay the smackdown. An entirely new cycle of multi-civ shield blast cards also are ripe with potential. Will Fight! become a staple to use alongside Herald of Infernus? Only time will tell.

But it’s not just the multi-civ cards which look to add a lot. Plenty of other cards are well positioned to modify the tournament field.

Cards like Keeper of Laws, Gregoria the Malevolent, and Shapeshifter Scaradorable are perfectly set to give some of the most popular control decks a complete headache. Meanwhile, some new tools for the aggressive decks like Flame Spinner, Baron Burnfingers, Lizard-Skin Puppet, and Sword-Horned will provide a large boost to that archetype.

Of course, you can’t talk about Clash without mentioning the Monarchs: Infernus the Immolator and King Tritonus! These cards give control decks an entire new tool for closing out games with. No doubt the monarchs will have an impact at KMC’s around the continent.

But what might have some of the largest impact is what’s lurking in the shadows. The seemingly innocuous card Mesmerize looks to be a complete game-changer, allowing aggressive decks like Mono-Darkness to pluck away problematic dragons and giving control mirror matches a card that makes saving up for level 9 and 10 dragons a risky proposition.

It’s a whole new dueling field out there. Grab some Clash. Find a friend. Get playtesting, and be ready for your local event. Keep up on the winning KMC Decklists, posted to the blog on Kaijudo.com – everything is poised to change.