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More Top 8 KMC Decklists!

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By Gavin Verhey Gavin Verhey Strategies and Tips More Top 8 KMC Decklists! June 26, 2013

Each week the KMCs continue to evolve – and this week highlights some of the changes we’ve seen in recently.

First off, a bevy of beatdown decks showed up to play – and succeeded for many Top 8 finishers. At War Torn Front in California, a whopping four Drakon Rush decks tore apart the dragon-laced competition, capturing three of the four top spots! Drakon Rush is the real deal, and it’s here to stay.

But the format is evolving yet still – the Starseed Smashers deck showed up again, capturing a second place invitation at Reader Copies’ KMC. These more midrange style decks could be the key to blocking the Fire rush decks in future weeks.

Of course, that isn’t to say we’re at the end of dragons by any stretch of the imagination. A control deck with both Lyra and Andromeda captured the top spot at one KMC, showing the deck still has what it takes. But with the uprising of Rush and midrange decks poised to fight it, the deck needs to evolve along with the metagame, or its days as one of the most popular decks in the format may be numbered.

How will the dragon decks evolve? Will Drakon Rush keep uprising? And what’s the next step for midrange decks like Starseed Smashers? Some of that is up to you – innovate, get to a KMC and see what happens!

In the meantime, let’s take a look at this week’s decklists:

Kaijudo Master Challenge, June 15, 2013

War Torn Front - Manteca, CA

1st Place Zachary M. — Archetype: Red Rush 
2nd Mike K. — Archetype: 4 Civilization Bottle Midrange 
3rd Carlos G. — Archetype: Red Rush 
4th Cassidy B. — Archetype: Red Rush 
5th Bryan R. — Archetype: WDL Control 
6th AJ G. — Archetype: 4 Civ Control 
7th Christopher F. — Archetype: Red Rush 
8th Noah K. — Archetype: Dark Saberbolt 

Reader Copies – Scatterfield – Anderson, IN

1st Place Benjamin R. — 4-Civ Control 
2nd Place Michael S. — Starseed Smashers 
3rd Place Taylor R. — Drakon Rush 
4th Place Carolyn C. — 4-Civ Control 
5th Place Javier M. — 4-Civ Control 
6th Place Sean M. — 4-Civ Ramp Control 
7th Place Adam P. — Fire-Nature Evo Rush 
8th Place Josh S. — Light-Water-Fire Dragon Control 

Kaijudo Master Challenge, June 16, 2013

Skyhaven Games – Victoria, British Columbia

1st Place Damon C. — "Boom Field" 
2nd Karl A. 
3rd Khen L. 
4th Joey G. 
5th Ryan S. 

No decklist available

6th Kular H. — "5 Civ Dragon's Control" 
7th Julian A. 
8th Sandra P. — "Speed Plus"