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The Kaijudo Code: Set Premiere Play-By-Play

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By Aiden Thorne Aiden Thorne Strategies and Tips The Kaijudo Code: Set Premiere Play-By-Play March 27, 2013

Hey there Kaijudo duelists! Aiden Thorne here, and I’m checking in to see if you had fun at your DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere! I certainly did.

The Atmosphere

When I first walked into the store I couldn’t believe my eyes - every chair was full and there were new faces all over the place. I walked around and talked to some of the newer players, traded with other duelists, and I was able to get a few matches in before we were told to go select our decks.

I’m quite the Set Premiere veteran, so it really does mean a lot when I say that I was awestruck by the sheer amount of positive energy going around. Everyone was so happy and having a great time before we even started!

The Set Premiere

I chose to represent the Darkness Civilization by selecting that demo deck, I was then handed an achievement card and an exclusive promo—Thorn Dragon!

This event was run in many different ways across the country. Some were competitive, while others were casual. One thing remained constant though: Everyone got exclusive promos and had a blast while earning them!

My local game store set us up with a tournament structure, between every round we were allowed to purchase a booster pack of DragonStrike Infernus to augment our decks. If we earned ten achievement points, we could obtain the other exclusive promo—Cybersphere Dragon!

Thorn Dragon and Cybersphere Dragon, the exclusive DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere promo cards!

I took my seat and began placing my deck in sleeves. (I prefer to always play with sleeves; it makes shuffling easier and protects all of the cards. I highly recommend using sleeves in all forms of play—constructed, sealed, and booster drafts—just for the ease of shuffling without destroying the cards.)

As I played through my matches, joking and enjoying myself with every opponent, I took some down time to get my last achievement before earning Cybersphere Dragon by drawing my favorite dragon. So of course being the artistic individual I am, I allowed my prowess with the pencil to sketch the most magnificent stick figure of Orion—I don’t think anyone could even recognize what I drew.

Many of the newer players had gotten a hold of the game by now. I was glad to see that our community was warm and understanding. No single person could take credit for the teaching and advice, so our store owner handed out three Rise of the Duel Masters booster packs to everyone in the tournament.

My drawing of Orion!

The top eight received booster packs as prizes, and I was glad to see people holding on to their code cards instead of just throwing them away. That means Kaijudo Online’s Player versus Player (PvP) has gained some popularity!

Everyone who played truly had a great time, there were many players who tried Kaijudo for the first time with this event and were absolutely hooked! It wasn’t just my local game store either. All over the internet Kaijudo fans were rejoicing about the great time they had at their Set Premieres - some fans even traveled to more than one!

What Is Sealed?

You knew from my article telling you about the DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere that I was excited about seeing limited play in Kaijudo. Well at my local store, we decided to take our DragonStrike Infernus Set Premiere one step further and do a sealed event!

Sealed events are events where you get a set amount of booster packs, usually five or six, and create decks out of the cards you open. Most stores have ended up doing thirty card minimum decks, leaving you fifteen cards that won't be in your deck.

This puts a lot of emphasis on being able to build decks and create synergy within parameters. Most of all, you'll see card interactions you wouldn't normally see—this is a key factor when it comes to improving your game!

The next Set Premiere—for Clash of the Duel Masters on May 25—is actually going to be a sealed event, so it’ll be a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself into! Make sure you keep up to date on the spoilers so you know what you can potentially get. Remember that vanilla cards you would have initially decided not to play can actually be quite potent, and that, most of all, Shield Blasts are rare in limited play.

With this knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of competitive play, you’re going to be well equipped to start making waves in your local scene!

It can be a lot of information to take in, but don’t worry; there will be a lot more information on it further down the line!

If you missed out, don’t worry, there are many more opportunities to play coming right around the corner. This Saturday, April 6, marks the opening of the first Duel Day season. Check out the events page for more information and to find your local participating store.