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New Play Formats for Kaijudo!

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By The Kaijudo Staff The Kaijudo Staff Events New Play Formats for Kaijudo! January 29, 2014

We’re excited to introduce new formats to Kaijudo Organized Play, beginning May 30th, 2014. These will include the introduction of Booster Draft as an official Limited play format with the upcoming set, Quest for the Gauntlet. To learn more about our Limited play formats for 2014, check out the announcement article here.

Starting with the Quest for the Gauntlet set on May 30th, Kaijudo will offer two constructed play formats: Standard and Open.

  • The Standard format will include all cards in the current block year, as well as the previous block year. As a new block releases, the block from 2 years prior will be eligible only for the Open format, and the new block will enter the Standard format.
  • The Open format will include every Kaijudo card printed to date*.

What is a Block? 

A block is a collection of 3-5 sets that are released within the same product year. For example: the Clash of the Duel Masters block includes the following booster sets: Clash of the Duel Masters, Shattered Alliances, Invasion Earth, and The 5 Mystics, as well as the stand-alone Booster Brawl product.

What does this mean for me?

We’re offering more ways for you to play competitively, and these new formats will keep the game fresh and the meta balanced for any level of player. With the addition of Standard, we anticipate newer cards being used by players in powerful combinations and we expect never-before-seen decks to enter the field. Be prepared - the possibilities are endless!

What are the specifics?

Standard Format: When Quest for the Gauntlet releases on May 30th, cards from the Clash of the Duel Masters Block and the released cards from the Quest for the Gauntlet Block will be eligible to play in the Standard & Open Formats:

Clash of the Duel Masters Block:

  • 7CLA: Clash of the Duel Masters Booster Set & Decks
  • 9SHA: Shattered Alliances Booster Set & Deck
  • 10INV: Invasion Earth Booster Set & Deck
  • 11BBR: Booster Brawl Premium Cards
  • 12MYS: The 5 Mystics Booster Set
  • All Y2PRM promo cards

Quest for the Gauntlet Block:

  • 13GA1: Quest for the Gauntlet Booster Set & Deck
  • All released 13PRM promo cards- see below.

Open Format: All of the cards listed above, as well as all of the cards from the Rise of the Duel Masters block & the Elite Series Triple Strike deck will be eligible to play in the Open format. Those sets are: Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder Battle Decks, The Dojo Edition Booster Set & Deck, Rise of the Duel Masters Booster Set & Decks, Evo Fury Booster Set & Deck, DragonStrike Infernus Booster Set, The Elite Series Triple Strike deck, The Dragon Master Collection Kit Premium cards, and all Y1PRM promo cards.

To clarify which promo cards are eligible in Standard, we will tie all promo cards to the set with which they are released. For example, the promo cards for Quest for the Gauntlet (collector 13GA1) will be labeled 13PRM and will be eligible to play in whichever formats Quest for the Gauntlet is eligible. Note that the set number of 13 ties the two groups of cards together.

The Gauntlet Block will consist of 3 sets in 2014: Gauntlet 1, Gauntlet 2 and Gauntlet 3. In early 2015, we will start the next block (codenamed “Anvil”). When the first set of the “Anvil” Block releases & enters the Standard format, all of the cards from the Clash of the Duel Masters Block will become eligible only for the Open format.

If you have further questions about the new formats, please contact us at kaijudodecks@wizards.com, so we can provide answers in our Friday Q&A updates.

*Note that we still have a Retired and Restricted list which will be separated by format. The sets in which “Bottle of Wishes” were printed will no longer be eligible for the Standard format and therefore it is no longer necessary to be listed as Retired in Standard.  “Bottle of Wishes” will be listed as Restricted in the Open format. This means you will be allowed to play 1 copy of it in any sanctioned Open event. We will update our tournament rules to reflect this change no later than the first of May.