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For Parents

About Kaijudo

What is Kaijudo? 

Kaijudo, brought to you by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, offers an array of family-friendly entertainment, including a trading card game, online and mobile games, and an action-packed animated TV series.

What is the Kaijudo trading card game? 

This trading card game (TCG) brings players into the world of Kaijudo and all of the creatures you’ll see on TV. In the trading card game, players duel with each other alongside powerful creatures that each are represented by collectable trading cards. To see some of these creatures and how their cards look, visit the Dojo Library.

What does TCG stand for? 

TCG is an abbreviation for trading card game.

Where can I buy the Kaijudo TCG or other Kaijudo products? 

Find a list of local game stores along with nearby Target, Walmart and Toys“R”Us locations that sell the Kaijudo game and products by clicking here.

What is the Kaijudo TV Show and what is its rating? 

The show follows the adventures of Ray and his two best friends, Allie and Gabe, as they join a secret order of Duel Masters who have sworn to save the world from the evil threat of The Choten. This animated series is rated TV-7FV and airs weekly on the HUB TV network, Saturdays and Mondays. Check your local listings for more detail. Watch episode trailers and learn more about the characters, creatures and storyline here.

What is Kaijudo Online? 

Kaijudo Online lets players experience the trading card game in an online format. There is no cost to play, but you must register to unlock specific features of the game. It’s a great training tool for kids who are new to Kaijudo or to trading card games in general, giving them a chance to practice against the computer to build strategy, discover new cards, and develop skill in the game.

How can I teach my child to play the Kaijudo TCG? 

Start by checking out the tips and tools provided by Master Hawkins (your online Kaijudo Duel Master) in our learn-to-play videos. You can also play Kaijudo Online, which is free to play, and a great way to practice and build skill in the game. Or visit your local hobby store and ask for an in-person demo. You can find a store here.

How do you build a deck, and what does that mean? 

An official Kaijudo deck has forty cards for game play and can be fully customized for each player. You can have up to three copies of any single card in your deck, consisting of spells, creatures, blockers and more. You can also customize your game deck with the creatures from any of the five civilizations. For more details on how to build the perfect deck for you or your child, check out this article.

Is there any educational value to the Kaijudo TCG? 

Yes! The Kaijudo TCG helps build reading and mathematical fluency in a fun and engaging way. Reluctant readers are particularly drawn to reading (and sometimes memorizing) the bite-sized chunks of text featured on each creature and spell card, and the range of words increases their vocabulary. Math skills developed by game play include addition and subtraction, comparing numbers, counting by thousands, and strategic thinking. Deck building provides a real-world application of fractions and probability. In addition, the game develops important social skills such as taking turns, winning and losing gracefully, and creative problem solving.

Does Kaijudo have a lot of violence? 

Kaijudo is an action-entertainment experience but it does not involve gratuitous violence. In the trading card game, players take on the role of the duelist, summoning and directing creatures through a battle of strength, wits, and special powers. The losing creatures are not killed by the action of the game, but instead are banished back to the Creature Realm from where they came (also known as the “discard pile”). To see more of Kaijudo’s creatures, visit the Dojo Library.