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Q&A with Wizards of the Coast - TV Update & Herald of Infernus vs Grudge Weaver

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By The Kaijudo Staff The Kaijudo Staff News Q&A with Wizards of the Coast - TV Update & Herald of Infernus vs Grudge Weaver January 24, 2014

The Kaijudo team answers this weeks fan questions. If you have questions you’d like us to answer, please email them to kaijudodecks@wizards.com, and we’ll try to get to as many as we can in these new Friday updates. Happy Dueling!

Fan Question 1:

Will the Kaijudo TV show run a third season? Is there any chance of the second season of your TV show appearing on Netflix?


The Kaijudo TV series will not be returning to the Hub Network for a third season. A total of 52 episodes will continue to be available online for either streaming or download on the following platforms: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Fans can continue to follow the Kaijudo storyline and all the exciting action at Kaijudo.com and through the TCG. You'll be able to follow the next chapter in Ray's adventures with the Duel Masters as each new set releases! Additional story details will be made available online, so stay tuned, Duelists!

Question 2 from Travis:

My question is about Herald of Infernus battling Grudge Weaver, and which effect happens first. The general consensus around my local area is that if my opponent's Herald of Infernus battles my Grudge Weaver and banishes it, Herald of Infernus's "War Cry" effect happens before Grudge Weaver's "Brainbite". In the rules document it states that the losing creature is banished during step 3 of resolving a battle, and “when this creature wins (or loses) a battle” effects happen during step 4 of resolving a battle. This is where my confusion starts - if Grudge Weaver is banished before step 4 shouldn't "Brainbite" happen before "War Cry"? The Local Judge says that banishment effects happen as an "after the battle" effect meaning that they happen during step 6 of resolving a battle not step 3.


Both the “War Cry” ability of Herald of Infernus and the “Brainbite” ability of Grudge Weaver trigger at the same time. The player whose turn it is uses his or her ability first, followed by the opponent’s. This all happens in step 4 of the battle sequence detailed in the rules. We’ll make sure this is clarified in a future update.